Уважаемые выпускники ФГАОУ ВО Первый МГМУ им.И.М.Сеченова Минздрава России (Сеченовский Университет)!

 Шаги выпускника 2020 для прохождения ГИА

Шаг 1 внимательно прочитать «Регламент проведения государственной итоговой аттестации с использованием дистанционных технологий»

Шаг 2 проверить дату сдачи государственного аттестационного испытания

Шаг 3 проверить требования к техническому обеспечению и условиям прохождения государственного аттестационного испытания (пп.4-7 Регламента)

Шаг 4 обучающийся, сдающий государственный экзамен обязан

обучающийся, защищающий выпускную квалификационную работу (далее – ВКР) обязан

Шаг 5 дождаться объявления оценки (по окончании видеоконференции), корректно завершить конференцию.

 Берегите себя и своих близких!

Steps Graduate 2020 for passing the State final certification

Step 1          carefully read the "Regulations for the state final certification using remote technologies"

Step2           check the date of the state certification test

Step 3             check the requirements for technical support and the conditions to participate the state certification test (paragraphs 4-7 of the Regulation)

Step 4             the student is obliged not earlier than 1 hour and not later than 30 minutes before the start of the state exam to open the link called "Tickets" in his/her Personal Account, link is located on the E-learning resources tab in the Intermediate Attestation section, for familiarization with the exam ticket and preparation for the answer;

Student is obliged open the link called “State Exam” in his/her Personal Account to pass the state exam strictly at the specified time (response time should not exceed 10 minutes.), at the beginning of the answer, say out loud the name, surname, patronymic/middle name (if applicable) and exam ticket number;

a student who defends graduate qualification work (hereinafter) is required

the student must, no later than one working day prior to the defense of the final qualification work, place the text of the final qualification work in his/her Personal Account in PDF format with a mandatory personal signature on the last page of the work with a ban on printing, copying and editing (instructions in the Appendix), and provide the Secretary of the State Examination Commission with the necessary documents, particularly, final qualification work in PDF format with a ban on printing, copying and editing; review of the supervisor (scan with signature), presentation; for master's theses – additionally – work review (scan with signature), certificate of borrowing ideas (sample certificate in the Appendix). For graduate qualification works carried out under cooperation agreements with research organizations, is posted the abstract of the work, containing the title, a summary, including relevance, purpose, objectives, conclusions and reference list);

Student is obliged to open the link called “Defense of the final qualifying work” «Защита выпускной квалификационной работы» in his/her Personal Account to pass the defense of the final qualifying work strictly at the specified time;

(duration of the student performances in defense of the final qualification work of bachelor programs and specialist’s programs, accompanied by a presentation, does not exceed 7 minutes, for master's programs - 10 minutes, the presentation will be shown by the moderator on the part of the University), at the beginning of the performance, say outloud the name, surname, middle name (if applicable) and the topic of the graduate qualification work;

Step 5          wait for the announcement of the assessment (at the end of the video conference), end the conference properly.

 Take care of yourself and beloved ones!

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